can you have 2 breast reductions

You'll need to take some time to rest and recover after the procedure.
Initially, breast reduction scars will appear red, but they will slowly fade over time until reaching their final appearance around a year after surgery.
Strenuous exercise and weight lifting can usually be resumed after four to six weeks, but you should check with.The nipple may become numb, or in some cases sensation may increase.These procedures leave minimal scar tissue as a result, which can be hidden either in the areola or armpit.Large areolas may fit large breasts, but after a reduction the new areola is often made smaller to suit the smaller breast.The new breast shape will usually drop into a natural tear-drop shape.
In certain cases where upper pole fullness is desired, a small implant may be placed to add this fullness.
With the reduced pain, increased mobility, and better posture that comes along with breast reduction, many women find that their overall health improves, leading to an improvement in overall quality of life as well.
Bogue, I would like to thank you and your staff for the patience and excellent care you have given.
Discomfort when promo robe exercising, discomfort in clothes and swimsuits, asymmetry of breast size and shape.A: A breast reduction combined with the placement of an implant seems like a contradiction.Most patients will end up with faint, barely noticeable scars, although there is always the possibility of more visible scars.After the swelling subsides, your breast size should remain stable.While you should expect somewhat visible scars, the benefits of breast reduction surgery generally outweigh the downside of scarring.Trouble finding clothes that fit comfortably or appropriately.Most women find their new breasts to be much more manageable and comfortable, with a greatly improved shape and firmness.If you are concerned about nipple removal during a breast reduction procedure, discuss your concerns with.For more information about this procedure and what kind of benefits you may see with breast reduction, contact us at (515) today.Each individual heals at a different rate, but generally you can expect to return to work within a week.

The breast is reshaped, and the incisions are closed.
Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery.