All entries must be sent within fifteen (15) days after the end of the contest.
SondageFr, concoursConcours Tous droits réservés, conditions d'utilisations.CW on the 26-27 of January 2019.Top 5 by continent Pts) Europe DL5YM 1 IZ2DLV DL5YM HB9AOF 84245 4 SP9KR 82058 5 UA3VFS 81648 KA8Q North America 1 K3IPK KA8Q 11340 3 VA2MO 5502 4 VA2OBW 3740 5 VE2GT 2288 RZ9U Asia 1 RF9C TC4love 88977 3 RZ9U 75600 4 TC4A.Top 5 by continent Pts) IZ2DLV Gil Europe 1 YP0C (YO3CZW) 2 IZ2DLV IK8UND CR6K HB9EYP North America 1 K3IPK (sk) CF2MO (VA2MO) 3 N8DE CF2QR VE2GT Africa CN2JF 1 CN2JF TY2BP J28PJ Oceania yc6bdd 1 YB6UAK YC6BDD YB6LBH YB1HDR YB1BGI Asia 1 RZ9U TA4AKS.8 Thanks to all!Top 5 by continent QSO / Pts).Please use the upload form to send your log: here Full listing 1055 stations participated meilleures promos black friday in the french contest.Suivez nos experts pour lire leurs code promo pixmania forum points de vue.CW on the 28-29 of January 2017.SSB on the 25-26 of February 2017.Vous pouvez maintenant regarder les matchs de la LNH et des Canadiens ainsi que d'autres contenus directement sur votre mobile ou votre tablette.
Visionnez la télévision en direct et consultez offre promo redoute la grille horaire de TVA Sports.
Suivez les Canadiens et lImpact grâce à leurs sections spéciales.
SSB on the 23-24 of February 2019.
Recevez toutes les nouvelles importantes liées au sport et ne manquez rien de l'actualité grâce aux notifications.
French Contest Committee invites you to take part in the 80 th REF Contest aka Coupe du REF 2019.
All entries must be sent before the second monday after the end of the contest.Please use the upload form to send your log: here, full listing 1038 stations take part into the french contest.Please use the upload form to send your log: here Full listing 1025 stations participated in the french contest.Formed in 1989 to serve the interests of Kawasaki Concours and Kawasaki GTR enthusiasts worldwide, the Concours Owners Group COG has run over 1,500 rallies and events for more than 24 years to provide members, guests, and friends the opportunity to join together in organized.CW on the 27-28 of January 2018.SSB on the 24-25 of February 2018.Hassan CN8SG first place AF, africa 1 CN8SG EE8TH EC8AQQ V7SM CT9/OH2BR 24 1512, fahed A61FK.