But both bikes remise en forme bordeaux are very capable.
The new 2013/14 FJR has put on a few pounds over GEN 2 ( 2006 to 2012 ) mostly due to electronics like cruise, electric suspension adjustment, and a few other tweaks.The Maxim only has.1 gal.I found I could tolerate the FJR OEM seat much better.As has been said before.If you head out west, that can be calling it close.Or buying a heated after market seat.Also, There was a black and green ZX-14R sitting right cadeau ideal fete des meres next to mine on the showroom floor.I am biased against kipass because it gave me trouble.
But they do very well on tour.
I'd probably take another look at Yamaha.
Some folks love kipass, some hate.Forget about the comparisons.FJR is the only one with a true overdrive not by much but.95.Problem here as some freeways in Tx are 80 mph speed limits.And has since code reduction vega direct been updated in 2010.