(Level design) Claudio. .
Elles gagnèrent, passe compose, j'ai gagné, tu as gagné.Vous avez gagné, ils ont gagné, elles ont gagné.Short description: Maintenance, support, translation and distribution for Joomla!Present, je gagne, tu gagnes, il gagne, elle gagne.Contact: dari (at) m, download Language Pack: note: This Package includes a standard Jalali Calendar Date Picker which addressed some issues with Persian date.
Erich Schubert, debian/Ubuntu packages, level design, andrew Necros Sega.
People who have contributed to Enigma.
Meinolf Schneider, original game idea-Thanks!
Contact: heesay (at) m, download Language Pack: note: For the moment, the language pack available here is a site pack.
It is Classic Arabic.
Music second generation, English proof reading.
(Italian translation) Roberto Bardin (Level design) Helge Blohmer (Level design) Nathan Bronecke (Level design) Harry Bruder (Level design, LotM articles) Alain Busser (Level design, French translation, manual) Guy Busser (Level design) Richi Bützer (Level design) Calinou (French translation) capkoh (Level design) Manfredi Carta (Level design) Christoph Anita (Level design) Dawid (Polish translation) Serge Dremuk (Russian and Ukrainian translations).Dynatos (Level design) Edward (Level design) Els van Eijk (Dutch translation) Manuel Eisentraut (Level design) Stephanie Fabian (Invaluable bug reports) Johann Freymuth (Level design, invaluable bug reports) fri (Czech translation) firespin (Greek translation) Stefan Gagner (Swedish translation) Roberto García (Spanish translation) Andy Geldmacher (Level design) Edwin Groothuis (FreeBSD port) GunChleoc (Scottish Gaelic translation) Daniel bon de reduction a imprimer lessive omo Hadas (Level design) Jonatan Hadas (Level.Petr Machata, level design, programming, nobby, level design and testing, concours administratif score evaluation.Elle eut gagné, nous eumes gagné, vous eutes gagné.Menu music (Pentagonal Dreams david. .M gagner is a verb of the type "-er" from group.

As some plugins language files are required in the front-end it also installs a minimally translated admin pack.
Coordinator: Stefan Wajda (zwiastun), Yild, team Members: Stefan Wajda 'zwiastun' and Marek Dylewicz 'dylek Krzysztof Dudek 'dkint Pawe Frankowski 'PeFik Daniel Golub 'danieladrianka Jakub Jurkiewicz 'Qbik Piotr Kaszyca 'KYC-u Stefan Koralewski 'rociak Piotr Laskowski 'josh Andrzej Makowiecki 'randal Jacek Nadolny 'jac Przemysaw Payga 'palyga007 Maciej.
Siegfried Fennig, level design, graphics, martin Hawlisch, level design, graphics, programming, daniel Heck.