Paci-Fist was "Wadoken which is beautiful, which is why I worked in the "down-right fist" part.
(Tanken) can mean "exploration" or "dagger but is unquestionably "dagger".
Cross Sword is a new pun for yet another Japanese homophone pun.
Marry me!" (Take) My Sword For It is a modified pun, but it remains somewhat intact.Rain Bow is an entirely new pun.It was (Sturdy Bow and the description had another homophone pun since "lamentation" is pronounced the same way; it was basically like "when shot by a Goukyuu, you goukyuu".Cluelash was "muchi which means whip, but also means ignorance.Priscilla was just "Prizun".So, I mean, its totally the same thing, right?But tachi used it to joke about "finishing up alone" in the description, because of course he would.Just felt it was better to replace that one.
However, that "wa" is also used to refer to traditional Japanese things, so everything about her has that angle to it as well.
Cherie is just a bit less obvious.
Apil and Yomi are from an old platformer called Full Swing.
So its like "Yay, let's go exploring!" to "Bah, that's for kids.
(Demon Sword) maken, and the description said maken in the "I wont lose" sense.
Its made in Utah.
Which means "getting right to the point".Harmony was Wagokoro, "peaceful heart".Broad Sword was, a joke on sapin noel artificiel promo how "tachi" is written, which literally means "fat sword".Selphie's name was originally "Hightech".Some of her skills also repeated the name of the move in all hiragana in the description, which ties into the whole classical Japanese thing.So that worked pretty well.(Not to mention one of her skills is named "Appeal" as a pun.).Spear It was "yarikiru which contains "spear" (yari) and means "to do something to completion".Assass Innate was just the word "ansatsu" (assassination) split into two with a dot.I ended up keeping the name Meiji Staff, but its probably a pun on "Mage Staff".Ram Bow is a mostly new pun.

That is a ridiculous name, so I came up with the best possible pun.
I don't know what the joke is with the Utah Cap either.