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Prefecture was the good enough English translation before the establishment of ROC for the Chinese term xian ( or pinyin xian4) which marked the level of government below the province.
The capital city of a canton is the sous-prfecture (note that the word "arrondissement" is barely used in this meaning, this subdivision has not a big importance in France).
This situation was much more complicated before 1911.Much like a state or city, these were largely self-governed; however each owed allegiance.That is called abolition of the Han system ".L'IGN propose une large gamme de données, de géoservices et d'expertises, pour répondre aux besoins des entreprises.The prfet de police has the power of law enforcement code reduction foot locker france for Paris, which is a power of the mayor for the other french cities and towns.The prfet can make arrts, which are legal texts written for the application of the law,.g.These prefectures and municipalites are not merely set up as the nation's administrative section, but also as corporate bodies independent from the country that possesses their own basic governing areas and local residents as their constituents.The civil servant in charge is the sous-prfet.
Government comment gagner iphone below the prefecture level was often undertaken through informal non-bureaucratic means, varying from dynasties.
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Lign est lopérateur national de référence en matière dinformation géographique auprès des décideurs des territoires.
The dpartements are divided into arrondissements, themselves divided into cantons.To close a building that is not conform to the safety rules, or to modify the circulation rules on the streets (speed limit, authorisation for roadworks).The number of prefectures in China proper gradually increased from dynasty to dynasty.There are 100 prfectures in France.Until 1977, Paris had indeed no mayor and was entirely ruled by the prfet de police (a situation inherited from the Paris Commune, 1871 ).Displaying this page does not burden Wikipedia hardware resources.In Imperial China, the prefecture was a significant administrative unit because it marked the lowest level of the imperial bureaucratic structure.All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.There is an exception with Paris (which is itself a dpartement ) and the three surrounding dpartements (called the petite couronne, small crown those four dpartements are governed by a single prfecture which is the prfecture de police (PP).(See Political divisions of China#Level) In France, a prfecture is the capital city of a dpartement.See, meiji era.The other governing body is the Conseil Gnral, which is in charge of the building and maintenance of schools and roads, the financial assistance to dependent people (disabled, old persons promotion of the economical local development.About 1400 were observed when Sui dynasty eradicated jun or commandry ( jun4 the level just above xian, many of which were demoted to prefectures.

Meiji era after the new government abolished feudal clans.
History of Japan for historical background of this event.
Consultez les témoignages collectivités térritoriales, l'IGN offre une large gamme de données, de géoservices et d'expertises, pour répondre aux besoins des enseignants et chercheurs comme en témoigne le cnes, l'inra et l'irsm.