For males, the suffixes -inho (diminutive) and concours club -ão (augmentative) are the most used.
Lacika, Ferike, Palkó and Julcsi as a diminutive respectively for László, Ferenc, Pál and Júlia.Abraham Ab, Bram Adolf Dolf Adriaan Aad Albert Appie, Ab, Bert Alexander Alex, Lex, Sander, Xander Alexandra Sandra, Sanne, Sanna, Alexia, Xandra Arend Aart Beatrix Trix, Bea Catharina Carina, Katrien, Rina, Lina, Kathelijne, Katie, Rineke, Lineke, Katrijn, Trijntje Charlotte Lotte Cornelis Kees, Cor, Nelis, Corné.This is also a difference between French and Breton: the diminutive ending ".ig" in Breton is only used as a temporary form for young children, while ".ick" is official and permanent in French names, and has lost his sense of a diminutive.Benoît Jacquet and Vincent Giraud by, benoit Jacquet et, vincent Giraud, from the Things Themselves: Architecture and Phenomenology, Mar 31, 2012.(c)ito/-(c)ita or -(c)ín/-(c)ina in Spanish, such as Juanita from Juana.The suffix -kun is added to a male's name.
Many esj lille concours 2015 of these are derived from the custom of using Japanese honorifics, even in colloquial language.
Bram Brampje -metje ( Bram Brammetje ) or -mie ( Bram Brammie ).
Yoruba hypocorisms are often based off these roots or the suffixes.
While the addition of -chan to a girl's name is endearment and intimacy, when applied to a male's name, it may be either a term of endearment or it may be added as a derogatory taunt, depending on the context and the nature of the.
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This book, made in Kyoto, includes 21 papers relating architecture to phenomenology, and vice-ver.Often the ending -i is added to these truncated nameforms.There are also -ello/-ella, as in Donatello/Donatella from Donato and Donata, -uccio/-uccia, as in Guiduccio from Guido and -etto/-etta, as in Giulietta from Giulia.Abimbola Bimbo Olubukola Bukky, Bukki, Bukola Ololade Lade, Lolade, Lola Abosede Bose, Bosede Folasade Fola, Ola, Sade Oluwadamilola Dammy, Dami Fehintoluwa Fehin, Tolu, Olu Olubode Bode "Oluwadamilare" "Dami "Dare" "Gbolahan" "Gbola" "Bola" "Abisola" "Bisi "Bisola" "Oluwole" "Wole" "Akinwande" "Akin "Wande" "Folajinmi" "Fola "Jimmy Jinmi References.ulus / -ula in Latin, most famously in the case of the Roman emperor Caligula, whose nickname means "little boot".Shortening, often to the first syllable: Abigail Abby, Abbie, Abi, Gail Abraham Abe Adelaide Addie, Heidi Alan, Allan, Allen Al, Len Albert Al, Bert, Bertie Alexander Al, Alec, Alex, Lex, Sandy, Xander, Sasha Alexandra, Alexandria Alex, Alexa, Lex, Lexa, Lexi, Sandra, Sandy, Xandra Alfred Alf.