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(d) After the saq carte cadeau balance low bidder has been determined in accordance with paragraph (a an award may be made to that low bidder on the base bid, plus any combination of alternates for which funds are available at the time of award, but only if the.
(iii) (A) The additional penalty shall be equal to 100 percent of any original late payment interest penalty, except (1) The additional penalty shall not exceed 5,000; (2) The additional penalty shall never be less than 25; and (3) No additional penalty is owed.(End of clause) 552.239 Reserved 552.239-70 Information Technology Security Plan and Security Authorization.NMF is well known since the multiplicative update rule by Lee Seung 7, which has been continuously developed: the inclusion of uncertainties 9, the consideration of missing data and parallel computation 11, sequential construction 11 which leads to the stability and linearity of NMF.(End of clause) 552.246-77 Additional Contract Warranty Provisions for Supplies of a Noncomplex Nature.(i) The Government will not consider any proposal received at the office designated in the solicitation after the exact time specified for receipt of offers unless it is received before the Government makes award and it meets at least one of the following conditions: (A).These remedies are not exclusive and are in addition to any other remedies which may be available under this lease or at law.(ix) While not required, the Contractor is strongly encouraged to assign an identification number to each invoice.At a minimum, every request shall describe the proposed change(s) and provide the rationale for the requested change(s).(End of clause) Alternate I (May 2003).Modérateur: Modérateurs, bons de réduction 10 euros Boutique Dolce Gusto.This information shall be available to GSA upon request.
(c) The procedures in FAR subpart.4 apply to this contract, with the exceptions listed in this clause.
(9) No markup shall be applied to a firms costs other than those specified herein.
For the purposes of this clause, the Mailing List is Contracting officer shall insert either: the list of addressees provided to the Contractor by the Contracting Officer or the Contractor's listing of its Federal Government customers.
When inspection or testing is performed by or under the direction of GSA, charges will be at the rate of * per man-hour or fraction thereof if the inspection is at a GSA distribution center; * per man-hour or fraction thereof, plus travel costs incurred.
Identification should include the type of disability accommodated and how the users with that disability would be helped.Important examples of such techniques include: classical multidimensional scaling, which is identical to PCA; Isomap, which uses geodesic distances in the data space; diffusion maps, which use diffusion distances in the data space; t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding (t-SNE which minimizes the divergence between distributions over.(e) Delivery Date means the date specified in or determined pursuant to the provisions of this lease for delivery of the premises to the Government, improved in accordance with the provisions of this lease and substantially complete, as such date may be modified in accordance.(4) Amount of space, provided the Lessor consents to the change.If the Contractor is unwilling to accept such orders, and the proposed method of payment is through the Credit Card, the Contractor must so advise the ordering activity within 24 hours of receipt of order.In machine learning this process is also called low-dimensional embedding.For paper and paper products, see the definition at FAR.301 (42.S.C.(d) Before submitting shop drawings on the mechanical and electrical work, the Contractor shall submit and obtain the Contracting Officers approval of such lists of mechanical and electrical equipment and materials as may be required by the specifications.(b) If any such change causes an increase or decrease in Lessors cost of or the time required for performance under this lease, whether or not changed by the order, the Contracting Officer shall modify this lease to provide for one or more of the.Note to paragraph (b 2 The Contracting Officer may add data elements to the standard elements listed in paragraph (b 2) of this section with the approvals listed in gsam 507.105 (c 3).

(6) Prior to the placement of an order that includes order-level materials, the Ordering Activity shall follow procedures in FAR.404(h).
(1) The inspection system maintained by the Contractor under the Inspection of SuppliesFixed Price clause (FAR.246-2) of this contract shall be maintained throughout the contract period.