royal rumble 2017 promo

And is there a better fit than Blue-tista being on the blue brand?
Bryan wants to wrestle again.Another dream guy but hes just signed on for another year with New Japan Pro Wrestling.He should be in the main event picture when it comes to WrestleMania but hasnt been there in a few years after dealing with a knee injury, then a Shield pronostic quinté 100 gagnant reunion, and now being tag-team champion with Jason Jordan.Sam Houston entered at #8 and went after Hart Foundation.(Yes, there are other matches including a Triple Threat match between Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, and Kane for the Universal Championship, AJ Styles against both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a handicapped match for the WWE Championship, Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan putting.That means a bunch of money came in on him to win the Rumble.
Randy Savage no-showed the match References idée de cadeau bricolage edit External links edit.
Bass had Houston on his shoulders and he threw Houston over the top rope, thus eliminating Houston in the process.
However, Warrior grabbed Sherri (who had returned to ringside) and press slammed her onto Savage, who had also appeared at ringside.
Santana fired back but Hart hit him an inverted atomic drop, followed by a middle rope axe handle elbow drop.
The Young Stallions paul Roma bon de reduction ad just and, jim Powers ).
Now people wondering if it will happen in 2018.But as far as we know, hes still not medically cleared and WWE wont let him back in the ring until that happens.Volkoff entered at #12 as Muraco clotheslined Race.My guess is maybe a scenario was thrown around where he could somehow win it (think Shane McMahon puts himself in the Rumble, Bryan gets ticked and enters.This Royal Rumble set a record for the highest viewed wrestling program on cable TV at the time with.2 rating.8 Kai Martin feuded with many tag teams and held onto the titles for over two and a half years.