By the way, 0 starchip means not redeemable.
Memories (E sony Playstation / PSX PS1 ISOs.
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You can get 1 to 5 starchip from winning duel in both campaign and free duel mode; and Each card can only be redemmed/purchased once under a single duelist code.After you enter the password, check your cards.Dragon Monster Dragon Moon Neptune,999 083 Castle of Dark Illusions Monster Fiend Mercury Uranus Reaper of the Cards Monster Fiend Moon Pluto King of Yamimakai Monster Fiend Moon Pluto Barox Monster Fiend Jupiter Mercury Dark Chimera Monster Fiend Mercury Neptune Metal Guardian Monster Fiend Moon.Card passwords At the title screen, select the "Load Game" option, then choose the "Password" selection and enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding card.Save that game to memory card B, then reset the game.
Insert memory card B into memory card slot one and start a new game.
Return to the PlayStation memory manager and copy the saved game file from memory card C and put it back in memory card.
Dragon Jungle King ull Dragon Baby Dragon Bad Reaction to Simochi Barrel Lily Barrel Rock Basic Insect Battle Ox Battle Steer Battle Warrior Beaked Snake Bean Soldier Bear Trap Beast Fangs Beastking of the Swamp Beastry Mirror Ritual Beautiful Beast Trainer Beautiful Head Huntress Beaver.Memory card A should now have your old file with all the cards that you traded to memory card.1100/ Anthrosaurus - 1000/ Claw Reacher - 1000/ Akakieisu - 1000/ Flame Ghost - 1000/ Insect Soldiers of the Sky - 1000/ Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head - 900/ Larvas - 800/ Monsturtle - 800/ Arlownay - 800/ Angelwitch - 800/ Mystical Sheep.2.0 - A more comprehensive listing.Know Something We Don't?Stone Ghost Stone Ogre Grotto Stone Ogre Grotto Stop Defense Stuffed Animal Succubus Knight Summoned Skull Super War-Lion Supporter sono energie code promo in the Shadows Swamp Battleguard Sword Arm of Dragon Sword of Dark Destruction Swords of Revealing Light Swordsman from the Foreign Land Swordstalker Tainted Wisdom Takriminos.Knight - 1850/ Launcher Spider - 2200/ Zoa - 2600/ Metalzoa - 3000/ Zone Eater - 250/ Steel Scorpion - 250/ Dancing Elf - 300/ Ocubeam - 1550/ Leghul - 300/ Ooguchi - 300/ Swordsman from the Foreign Land - 250/ Emperor of the Land.Forbidden Memories (E) (71M) Similar Games: Pokémon Trading Card Game » GBC Pokemon Trading Card Game (Europe) (En, Es,It) GBC Pokemon Trading Card Game (Europe) (En, Fr,De) GBC Pokemon Trading Card Game (USA) Marvel Trading Card Game » NDS Marvel Trading Card Game (U.

Dragon Meteor Dragon Red Eyes.
Skull Dragon - 3200/ Two-mouth Darkruler - 900/ Solitude - 1050/ Masked Sorcerer - 900/ Kumootoko - 700/ Midnight Fiend - 800/ Roaring Ocean Snake - 2100/ Trap Master - 500/ Fiend Sword - 1400/ Skull Stalker - 900/ Hitodenchak - 600/ Wood Remains.
DFD, password, sC, cost 001, blue-eyes White Dragon, monster.